inn 2.2.2, vanishing active

Laszlo Vecsey master at
Wed Feb 23 19:36:07 UTC 2000

I'm not sure what I could be overlooking -- my active file is mysteriously
not being represented properly when I telnet to the nntp port and attempt
'group alt.test' for example:

	211 0 0 0 alt.test

I've freshened out the machine by running makehistory -i, clearing out the
cycbuffs, grabbing fresh active and newsgroup files. New articles do come
in and get updated in the physical active file, as they do when I post to
alt.test -- however when running that group command I see the numbers are
always zeroed out.

Its almost as if the nnrpd is out of sync with the real active file,
because at one point the numbers were zeroed out in the physical file but
still showing high numbers (watermarks?) via nntp.


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