Made some progress (not able to use cnfs storage method yet...)

John Kozubik john_kozubik at
Thu Feb 24 01:30:20 UTC 2000

Ok, I went to each of my files specified in the cycbuff.conf file and:

chown news:news (file)
chmod 0664 (file)

then, I edited inn.conf and set:



But now I am seeing this in my logs (doesn't work yet :)

news innfeed[19833]: CNFS-sm: CNFSflushhead: write failed (-1 by
tes): Bad file descriptor

news innfeed[19833]: SM storage method 'cnfs' failed initializat


So, what should my next step be ?  Perhaps I am making these files too big?  
I created the files with this command:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/da1/one bs=1k count=3700000

(please note the 3.7 gig size of the created file)

I have installed this news server on a freeBSD system using the standard 
port - and in the Makefile of this standard port, there is no 
--with-large-files option specified.  Do I need this?

Or are the error messages above based on something else?


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