makedbz memory footprint

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Sat Feb 26 21:39:52 UTC 2000

[Richard Todd]

>   The 560,000,000 works out to be 534M, so the 537M RSS figure seems
>   reasonable.  The 703M total memory size doesn't seem to fit too
>   well with that, though.  Unfortunately, it does fit with the
>   possibility that you have ~534M of dbz index and about another
>   160M of RAM being leaked somewhere in the makedbz process, which
>   is rather worrisome.  I certainly haven't seen anything like that
>   in my experience.  Any suggestions from anyone as to where that
>   160M discrepancy is coming from?

Joe, can you use /usr/proc/bin/pmap on the process to see where the
memory has gone?

Kjetil T.

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