AW: 436 cant store article

Klier Rainer Rainer.Klier at
Tue Jan 4 09:13:46 UTC 2000

 } when does a 436 cant store article message usually
> } appear in inn/log/news ?
> You have articles unmatched any of entry in storage.conf.

This is my storage.conf.
method cnfs {
	newsgroups: alt.*
	class: 1
	options: ALT

method cnfs {
	newsgroups: *
	class: 2
	options: NONALT
Shouldn´t the second entry match ?

> "innd cant store article: no matching entry in storage.conf"
> You can see it in news.notice.

Interestingly I have no news.notice. Only:
errlog inn.status innfeed.log innfeed.status news

And I see only this 436 cant store article in the file ´news´ 

Thanx for your answer btw !


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