I/O error and question about CNFS.

Roberto Bertucci roberto.bertucci at unisource.it
Wed Jan 5 09:56:26 UTC 2000

OK, in effect i have some problem with a GBIC module...

BTW, i added 4 brand new 2GB cycbuffers, modified cycbuff.conf and 
restarted innd with xexec option.

Now, cnfsstat is saying:
Cannot open Cycbuff /newsspool2/77

/newsspool2/77 is one of the new cycbuffers, of course. The message is the 
same trying to access to other new buffers.

The main differences with the running cycbuffers are the size (old ones are 
512MB) and the path (/newsspool for the old  and /newsspool2 for the new ).

Is there anything i am missing?
inn is v2.2.1 and solaris7 is the OS.

Thank you,

At 09.55 05/01/00 , you wrote:
>In article < at>,
>         Roberto Bertucci <roberto.bertucci at unisource.it> wrote;
>} I see this error in news.crit fille:
>} 400 I/O error writing SMstore file -- throttling
>} What does it mean?
>Maybe your disk has some problem.  You can see it
>thru syslog(not news).
>} How can i add a new cycbuffer, possibly without stopping nnrp service?
>Modify storage.conf to add new cycbuff and
>'ctlinnd xexec ""'.
>Katsuhiro Kondou

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