Y2K-Bug in INN 1.x, 2.x

Per Hedeland per at erix.ericsson.se
Wed Jan 5 11:45:57 UTC 2000

Bettina Fink <laura at krell.snafu.de> wrote:
>Per Hedeland <per at erix.ericsson.se> wrote:
>> This patch, when applied to parsedate.y from INN-2.2 or 
>> later (where only the first chunk "fits", the other two are
>> already effectively in place...) breaks (some) handling of
>> dates with two-digit years - I guess 00 gets treated as 1900
>> rather than 2000, which it does with the original parsedate.y:
>> Jan  3 22:54:07 news rnews: rejected 437 Bad "Date" header --
>> "3 Jan 00 21:48:34 GMT"
>Can't reproduce that on my system, injected an article with 
>that date via rnews:

No, see above - your diff is clearly not against a recent as-distributed
parsedate.y. I don't know *what* it is a diff against of course, but I'd
guess that it doesn't have the individual two-year "fixes" in the yacc
actions (see the diffs Katsuhiro posted) - who knows, maybe your version
actually works...:-)

--Per Hedeland
per at erix.ericsson.se

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