I don't know INN Spec.

Roberto Bertucci roberto.bertucci at unisource.it
Wed Jan 12 08:12:08 UTC 2000

a (more or less) full newsfeed takes at least 63 to 70 GB/day.
Hardware setup depends on several things. In my experience, the most 
critical aspect is the disk I/O speed.
BTW, you can't forget memory aspects.

Currently our setup is:
- Sun Enterprise 3500 dual proc, 2GB RAM
- 100GB online spool (it is only a feeder machine, for a nnrp server you 
need more storage, depending on the article expiration criteria you want to 

I think that our server is a little oversized., but i don't know for sure 
which is the minimum setup needed in order to absorb a full newsfeed.

Roberto Bertucci.

We are currently using INN 2.2.
At 02.37 12/01/00 , you wrote:
>  Untitled
>I'm planning on seting up News Server.
>but, I am a novice.
>Please let me know, All that I prepare for news server.
>How much space for HDD, How much speed for CPU , How much Bandwidth and so
>on....  for Full Feed News Server and Usual News Server
>Please Help Me...

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