bugs in expire? corrupt history?

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at atgi.net
Sat Jan 15 00:17:45 UTC 2000

At 04:09 PM 01/14/2000 , you wrote:
> > this is solaris 7, SPARC, 64 bit kernel, compiled with largefiles support,
> > tagged-hash history.
>I'm not using tagged so there must be a 32bit/64bit boog in tagged history
>code.  I'll give that a quick look tonight - division or multiplication
>at dbzagain time during expire is where I'd look first.

cool. much appreciated.

the dbz just went kerbluey again, 2+G, can't dbzstore the same hash. argh. 
so, it's not a problem with expire, that's for sure at least.

> > >Could you have a conflict with innd's md5 routine and some system library
> > >md5 routine?
> > could be, but i wouldn't know where to look. it's a pretty straightforward
> > install, many of the GNU programs are installed, but that's it.
>I had problems during some early ports of spamhippo into inn2.0 when hippo
>brought an md5 routine into the mix and so did Clayton's md5 history.

i run cleanfeed over on the feedexchanger, we have so very few people who 
actually use my lovely newsserver (about a half dozen) that i've not felt 
much need for any filtering on the reader box...
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