tagged hash in 64 bit world (was expire problems)

Mark Hittinger msh at FreeBSD.ORG
Sat Jan 15 00:52:10 UTC 2000

There is definetly some peril running round in the tagged hash dbz.c
code when file size can be 64 bits.  One of the interesting things 
the code does is define of_t to be a long anyhow - so I think anyone
with > 2gig history must not use tagged.

Sang-yong where are you man?

It looks like tagged will need a lot of stroking to get there.

The following items are only related to tagged hash.

In dbzagain "vtop" is a long, and is tested against sb.st_size which
is a long long when you are using largefiles under solaris.  vtop is
also set equal to sb.st_size based on the sense of that test.

isprime uses a long to do a lot of calculations regarding the final
file size of the .pag file.  This is my bet for Paul's troubles, but
even if we fix this there be additional badness.

dbzfresh is accepting OFFSET_T size and manipulating it with of_t (long)

.....it gets way more worser the further down in the code you get - if you
have a history file larger than 2g you just will have to not use tagged
hash till it gets some major codectomey.


Mark Hittinger
msh at freebsd.org
bugs at freebsd.netcom.com

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