inn2.3 - no reader access from unknown host

Erik Mouritzen unilerik at
Tue Jul 4 22:24:37 UTC 2000

On Mon, 3 Jul 2000, Erik Mouritzen wrote:
> In article <200007031244.OAA01585 at>,
>       Erik Mouritzen <unilerik at> wrote;
>        } INN2.3 is returning "Unknown host" - and it gives problem using
>        } newsreader Tin or Outlook Express.
>        :
>        } Is it a bug - or have I done something wrong ?
>         Which unix box are you using?  And can you show us
>         the result of 'grep herror config.cache'? 
> I have a ibm/rs6000 box running aix 4.3.3.
> $ grep herror config.cache
> ac_cv_func_herror=${ac_cv_func_herror=yes}                                    

For your information, I have a linux/redhat testbox running the same
INN vers. (inn-BETA-20000703, cnfs/tradindexed)  - and I see the same
result connecting from a client not registered in DNS.
It's also returning "Unknown host" and Outlook_Express or Tin is terminated
with an error message.

"grep herror config.cache" on my linux box gives:

Due to the error above I have setup another unix-box, aix 4.2.1, running
INN 2.2.2 so clients not registered in DNS can connect to this machine.
-until the problem is solved.

So I really hope you'll get it fixed.


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