Draft specification for future X-Trace header

Brian Kantor brian at UCSD.Edu
Fri Jul 7 19:02:00 UTC 2000

>> It has been my understanding that it is within the rights of the
>> server receiving the POST to rewrite not only the Message-ID, but
>> also the "Path:", "X-Trace:" and "Date:" fields in the header.
>It is not, and for good reasons neither INN nor C News/nntpd do it by

I differ.

The original intention of POST was for first-time injection of articles
into the news system.  As such, eliding or editing headers that might
contain questionable data is part of the capabilities of the POST command.

The NNTP-Posting-Host header and other such early attempts at traceback
accountability were examples of this: the server accepting the POST would
simply drop all such headers if they existed in the submitted article, and
would insert one of its one.

If there is some need for an unarranged form of article transfer, it
should be done by modifying the security aspects of the IHAVE type of
command.  For example, an ISP might be willing to accept, without
host-by-host prearrangement, articles arriving via IHAVE from a host
which is known to be its customer as long as the From: and Path: headers
in the submitted article were consistent with origin at that host.
	- Brian

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