Theory questions about ovdb

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Mon Jul 10 16:36:03 UTC 2000

>I use ovdb in combination with groupbaseexpiry set to "false" and
>it seems to me that ~/spool/overview is getting bigger and bigger.
>The server started with a relation of 100 MB articles needing about
>20 MB overview, that relation went worse each day, now it's 100 MB
>articles needing about 30 MB overview. And my newsreader (tin) tells
>me in group overview index that control.cancel has 89133 articles.
>Entering the group there are "only" 67596 articles, so it looks like
>the overviews are not in sync with the spool.
>Other example, news.lists.filters: 58159 articles shown by tin in
>group overview index, after entering the group there are only 33679
>articles. I see these discrepancies with each and every group.
>INN is inn-BETA-20000709, updated from inn-BETA-20000708, 07, 06 ...

Can you verify that an expireover runs during your news.daily?
How long does it take?


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