Bug-report: his.c

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 11 06:49:19 UTC 2000

ab <ab at icsmedia.de> writes:

> this night I found an innd core.

> I use the inn-CURRENT-20000625, with a P2-450 and 768MB RAM .
> The hiscachesize stands on 256000.

> The syslog line:
> Jul 10 23:29:14 news innd: SERVER cant malloc 262144000 bytes at line
> 125 of his.c: Cannot allocate memory

> In that time, I called a "scanlog norotate".

innd intentionally dumps core when memory allocation fails so that one can
get a backtrace and debugging information from the core file if necessary.

That line in his.c is where the history cache is allocated.  At first
glance, it sounds like you have the history cache size set far too large
for your system.  What is hiscachesize set to in inn.conf?

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