Slave server and host.nntp

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Tue Jul 11 20:41:59 UTC 2000

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, OlivierS wrote:

> First does anybody knows how to set up a slave news server. Which would
> allow to synchronize it with another server. After that the slave server
> could become a new independant server.

Set the new server as an 'xrefslave' and it will mirror the master article

> Do you now if it exists another method

You probably don't want to do anything really tricky, you can use 'cut' to
build a file of old articles on the current master, and then drop that
into innxmit to feed the existing articles to the new server, that's
usually better than trying file transfers or whatever. It also gives the
new machine a workout before you go production!

> I would like to use this method to change the news server which is actually
> too much requested. I would like to have a machine which is only dedicated
> to news.

Know the feeling ;-)

> Finally what has becomes the file host.nntp which is referenced in the faqs
> ? it doesnt exist in inn2.2.2 ?!!!


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