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Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jul 12 01:15:40 UTC 2000

Bettina Fink <laura at> writes:

> Some additional notes: 

> * The "lost articles" thing: One peer offers mangled articles and
>   if you've switch on remembertrash, you'll lose articles because
>   the messages ids are blocked in history/precommit cache (There
>   should be something like "Unwanted groups and distributions and
>   filtered stuff vs obvious/probable syntax errors").

Added to TODO.

> * There is no sample and no documentation for the subscriptions file
>   (which is listed on a LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS). As I said, I can write
>   a sample and some documentation, but I need help from a native
>   speaker. ;-)

Added to TODO.

> * Wishlist for nnrpd/readers.conf (Sorry if I've overlooked something,
>   especially the readers.conf is still not my best friend):

>      A limit for concurrent parallel reader streams for a user/
>      host/IP/group should be definable.

>      A download limit (KB/sec) for a user/host/IP/group should be
>      definable.

This much I think (the bandwidth limit) is already in there, but it may
need some tweaking yet.

>      A limit for "maximum of posted articles per day" should be
>      definable for a user/host/IP/group. I guess that this can probably
>      be done with the filter or backoff stuff, but as far as I under-
>      stood backoff that's only for slowing down high-volume posters.

The backoff stuff really needs more documentation and maybe some more
flexibility, since I think it could work well for these sorts of limits.

> * It would be nice if "feed classes" or "feed groups" can be defined in
>   newsfeeds.

Yup, we're going to get this from the new configuration parsing
infrastructure once newsfeeds has been converted to use it.

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