Postfix and NEWSMASTER

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jul 12 01:32:56 UTC 2000

Chris Martin <chris.martin2 at> writes:

> Recently I replaced sendmail on this machine with postfix and now mail
> to bare usernames (like usenet) is sent to username at myISP.

> According to the Postfix mailing list, the cure is to add @localhost (in
> my case) to all bare usernames.

> I tried to do this with "--with-newsmaster=usenet at localhost" but it
> appears to chop the value off at the "@" -- innshellvars has

>   NEWSMASTER=usenet

> even after a 

>   make distclean

> and

>   ./configure ... --with-newsmaster=usenet at localhost ...

> (confirmed by the line in config.status)

This looks very much like it's a problem in autoconf; by the time the
value gets to config.status, the @-sign and everything after it has
already been stripped.

I'll query the autoconf folks to see if there's a solution for this.

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