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Wed Jul 12 02:01:41 UTC 2000

Charlie Fluffy <FLUFFIE at MEOWVAX.INT.TELE.DK> writes:

> Message-ID: <cAsCaDe.CAScADE.casCade.MEOW.MEOW.meow-100000 at>
> NNTP-Posting-Host:

> I'm happy to see that some (even as trivial as that above)
> `encryption' of the Hosting-Post header is being discussed...

If we're going to start encrypting bits of information like that, wouldn't
it be better to not generate NNTP-Posting-Host at all and only generate
X-Trace using something like the new proposal for how to handle X-Trace?
NNTP-Posting-Host can already be turned off if you don't want it, and it
seems to lose a lot of its point once you start encrypting it.  Or would
that mess with too many spam filters?

> Newsgroups: dk.edb.internet.udbydere
>                           ^^^^^^^
> This.  To indicate that the article was posted on this machine,
> I've appended .POSTED! to the VirtualPath; anything following
> is user-supplied.  This is a common feature of The Enemies'
> software packages.  It probably should be an inn.conf toggle.

At some point, we're going to need to deal with the whole new Path syntax
thing from USEFOR.  Of course, no one can agree on what should go into the
Path tail.

> Another anti-NewsAgent hack that I had been running could have been
> helpful a day or two ago.  I do my best to filter out rogue NewsAgent
> cancels and supersedes and other messages, but some do slip through.  To
> try and minimize the damage done by floods of supersedes, I turned off
> the ARTcancel() part of things long ago and logged the message (which I
> went ahead and wrote, so a perl filter that either passes it or drops it
> doesn't help)...

> Jun 27 12:26:23 innd: SERVER ignoring supersedes
> Message-ID <n0avgyvh12p.fsf at>
> Jun 27 12:27:19 innd: SERVER ignoring supersedes
> Message-ID <Qzimbabwe-vote-resultURgIm_AuR.RMi9_AuR at>

> Now the bulk of these are ClariNet posts, which we shouldn't be
> seeing but they leak like a rusted-out sieve, and enabling the
> inn.conf option I added will both leave the old article on the
> spool (for safety) as well as write the new one.
> ignoresupersedeshdr:    true

> Is this something that people would want to have available to use?

Yes.  It's probably a good thing to have.  And why not just

> Another thing that I wanted is an inn.conf and/or readers.conf way to
> override what looks to be a hardcoded 10 second timeout for nnrpd reader
> connections, which is hardly enough time for me to type the full name of
> my favourite pr0n froup.  I haven't written this yet.  Would this be a
> useful thing to have?


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