using filter_post to modify headers

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jul 12 05:31:00 UTC 2000

Bill Davidsen <davidsen at> writes:

> Frankly, I don't know of anyone who sorts by date instead of thrreading,
> but maybe you got that bunch.

Doesn't Pine still do that?  We have oodles of people who try to use Pine
as a newsreader.  I think they're all mentally ill, but even though we
keep breaking Pine trying to give them a hint, they keep persisting....

> In any case, if you mess with dates and cause loops you will be spending
> time handling other problems, as other react to your causing them a
> problem.

> I have a boatload of users, and they seem able to cope with an "invalid
> date" message and figure it out, and if they don't the customer help
> desk should know the problem and not pass it back to you.

He does have a point that he probably has a pretty good knowledge of
everyone who uses his server (if he's running a departmental server for a
university) and therefore can probably predict what his users will and
won't do.  So if he says none of them will do POST feeds, fine, I can
somewhat agree with that, but still this makes me very nervous.

I think he should force all his users to use Kerberos for authentication,
like we do.  That makes them get their clocks right; Kerberos tolerates
about ten minutes deviation and then dies.  :)

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