Whole buncha d-u-m-b questions

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 12 08:30:06 UTC 2000

Charley O'Fluffie <FLUFFIE at netscum.int.tele.dk> writes:

> First question:  the man page sez that innxmit can handle batch files
> consisting of the filename of the articles to be sent (like one would
> get with `find' or something), yet that does not work, nor does a file
> with the filename and cleartext message ID.

It should be able to feed from regular file names as well as storage API
tokens; I've added that to the TODO list.  It's nice to be able to use
innxmit to feed a bunch of random files you found on your hard disk
somewhere to some random news server just to see what it'll do with them.
Like, say, backfill a group you keep forever from your backups that you've
been trying to get around to loading for years now and are using switching
to a new news server for an excuse to get to.

> Oh, DUH.  On the other machine which writes innxmit batches, I see that
> it's not the MD5 hash written, but the readable message ID.  So, should
> innxmit be able to handle MD5 hash IDs as well?

Hm, yeah, might not be a bad idea, although that would be pretty slow
since it needs the real message ID to be able to talk to the other server
so it would mean opening the article.

Anyway, added to TODO.

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