mail loops doing news2mail / postmail

Scott Russell scottrus at
Thu Jul 13 04:04:16 UTC 2000

All -

I've been playing with INN tonight and cannot seem to create the proper setup that
won't result in a mail loop.

My list is AList at
My inn server resides on as well.

I have added the email address "mail2news-alist at" to my mailing list. In my
/etc/aliases I have setup 'mail2news-alist: "|/usr/bin/mailpost alist.corp"' and
this works for getting mail from the mailing list to the newsgroup alist.corp

I read the docs on news2mail and have tried to set it up so new articels posted to
alist.corp go to the mailing list alist at but this is where I'm hitting my
mail loop.

I'm sure I"m missing something obvious but could use the pointers. How would you
recomend I do set this up??

Thanks for the help.

 Scott Russell (scottrus at

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