DRAFT: [ANNOUNCE] INN 2.3.0 available

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 17 06:03:42 UTC 2000

Forrest J Cavalier <mibsoft at epix.net> writes:

> Might want to mention the need to convert history and overview to the
> new formats.  (Just a pointer to the appropriate section in the news
> file.

Will do.

> buffindexed is not a circular buffer.  It is block-oriented, but if you
> run out of space, INN throttles.  expire does the equivalent of a
> realloc(), not a circular overwrite.  (Katsuhiro please correct me if
> I'm wrong.)


> I wouldn't bill tradindexed as faster than INN 1.x .overview.  It
> requires more open descriptors, extra reads and writes.

Adjusted the description a bit.

> There is the problem that if you use overchan to write tradindexed, and
> overchan doesn't keep up, articles are inaccessible.

True... although since this isn't the default, I don't think we need to
get into it in the announcement.

> I'm too pressed for time right now to look at the code.  Was that 'cmsg'
> or 'cmesg'?

cmsg.  Thanks, fixed.

>>   * The INN build system no longer uses subst.  This should be mostly
>>     transparent to users, apart from the old annoyance of modifications to
>>     include files being overridden again by subst when building INN being
>>     a thing of the past.

> The wording confuses me.  "a change is transparent, except" cues up a
> caveat, not a benefit.  I'd drop everything but the first sentence.


> I'm curious why there still is a subst(1) manpage in INN 2.3.  Is subst
> used anywhere?

Nope.  All gone now.

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