Matt McLeod matt at boggle.org
Mon Jul 17 08:57:58 UTC 2000

greg wibbled thus:
> In nnfolder+Mail:inn-workers, Matt McLeod <matt at boggle.org> wrote:
> > I'm going to try and start helping out with INN.  As a start,
> > I'd like to have a go at this item from TODO:
> > * rnews currently rejects articles with lines ending in CRLF, according to
> >   one report.  This should be checked, and if true, it should be more
> >   flexible about line endings.
> Just an additional request, that rnews (optionally?) could tolerate a
> some fuzz in the byte count.  Batchers should count both CRLF and LF
> as a single character, but a batcher that takes the naive approach of
> stat'ing a "wire format" file will invariably do it wrong.

I'll look at that once I deal with the first thing -- which will
hopefully help me get my head around rnews.

If anyone is wondering why I chose this particular item (if
it isn't obvious), it's because rnews is relatively small and
self-contained, and seems about the best place to start out.

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