innxmit (was Re: Whole buncha d-u-m-b questions)

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Mon Jul 17 12:42:37 UTC 2000

> I'd like to see innxmit support it.  In the TODO file:
> * innxmit currently can only handle storage API tokens; it should also be
>   able to handle files and get the message ID from them so that you can
>   use it to feed articles you got from some arbitrary source, not
>   necessarily INN.  Ideally, it should also take message ID hashes (and
>   use the history file to get the storage API token so that it can open
>   the article and get the real message ID).

Isn't getting Message ID from file, and feeding one article per file
what innxmit used to do?  And in 2.0, didn't it work both ways?

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