Modifying the body of an article

Carlos Castro jcastro at
Tue Jul 18 16:17:31 UTC 2000

That would be a very bad thing.

By altering message bodies, you stand the risk of propagating the
changed article.  This would cause there to be 2 versions of the same 

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Subject: Modifying the body of an article

> Hello!
> I am running a project, which uses INN to corporate messages. One
> of the points is to modify the body of all articles if they include
> any offensive words. Unfortunatelly the Perl filter mechanism does not
> allow this.
> Taken from the README.perl_hook:
> -----
>   The article body cannot be modified in this way; any changes to
>   $body will just be ignored.
> -----
> So my question is: How to modify the body of an article ?
> Bartosz Maruszewski

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