Modifying the body of an article

greg andruk supersede at
Wed Jul 19 08:55:21 UTC 2000

In nnfolder+Mail:inn-workers, Bartosz Maruszewski <bart at> wrote:

> Why ? Where does the second version come from ? The server won't be
> connected to any other NEWS server and it won't exchange articles. It
> will be a standalone server. And the ability to modify bodies is a
> MUST !

Okay, so you only need to edit locally posted articles, since there
won't be any other kind?

In that case, you can set up all the newsgroups as moderated, and use
the nnrpd filter to prevent users from self-approving articles.  The
moderation program can perform the changes before final posting.

If you would rather avoid the mail step, another approach would be to
use the SPOOL action offered by the nnrpd filter.  Your program could
pull article files from spool/incoming/spam, alter them, and then
deposit them into spool/incoming for rnews to hand off to innd.

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