How to configure news2mail with TULP mail-list server

news news at
Fri Jul 21 19:19:49 UTC 2000

I am from Poland, under my care is linux server. There are some services
for group of people at my box. Two of them are news server and mail-list
Of course news server is INN 2.2.1. Mailing list is provided by TULP.
I have two problems with them.

1) There are two news lists. One is protected by user/password
verification, second should be open for all. In my nnrp.access I have set
everything like should be.
for example:

*:R P:::pl.soc.dieta.optymalna
*:R P:user:password:pl.soc.optymalni
Who can explain me, why I can't read or post first list without
authetication? Is it posible to set INN server for existing two kind of
lists, one with and second one without user authetication?

2) Next problem I have. I am configuring mail<->news gateway.
For two news lists i have two mail-list under tulp. Configuration of Tulp
is perfect, both lists working very good. Also sending e-mail to proper
news lists. But when news client post his news-message to one of news
list, news2mail send this message to both mail-lists. Configuration of my
newsfeeds looks like:

# news to mail gateway

optymalni at!
dieta.optymalna at!

And corresponding 

optymalni at            optymalni at
dieta.optymalna at      dieta.optymalna at

What is wrong?
Please Help me!!

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