Config problems with inn2.2.2

Mauro Clementi mauroclementi at
Sun Jul 23 10:04:53 UTC 2000

Good morning everybody.

I ran my first inn installation and configuration just a few days ago. I
have the following problem running an installation of 2.2.2 under
Everything looks fine in article reception. I receive without problems
the groups I
want to, and the setting of the cnfs buffers works fine.
The problem is the following: if I try to post an article, nothing
Just to be more clear... when I use a Netscape client, everything seems
to work, I
see the lines I posted in a short time, but the file news.notice is
empty, and there
is no log for the activity. Strange is that, using a Microsoft client,
my post is (coherently) rejected.
Just to summarize, everything is "read only".

I just can't understand where could be located my problem.

If anybody has any suggestion...
Thanks in advance

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