Problems expiring

Hubbard, Matt m.hubbard at
Thu Jul 27 09:45:47 UTC 2000


I am running INN 2.2.2 with CNFS on Solaris 7.

Previously I posted a problem where I thought my uniover files were getting
to big. Subsequently, I've discovered that expire has recently not been
working and despite my attempts to get it working again, the file system has
filed up.

In the depths of my log files, the reasons given for expire not working are
"Reserved by Expire process...", which is from a news.daily that for some
reason didn't complete and free the server up again, but I could not find
out why it the stated run didn't complete it job.

My history file is now 1.7GB big, and the 11 uniovers average at about
130MB. I made some more space available 2.8GB, and "asked" news.daily /
expire to use this space with the "expdir" argument. In attempts to run
news.daily by hand, I've typically got the error message back "No new
history files", which after a bit of poking around I discovered meant that
expire hadn't written anything to the new files it created in the location I

Increasing the verbosity level hasn't given me any more informative replies,
about all I get back is "Setting lowmark Last field to maxint\nDone setting
lowmark Last field to maxint".

I've read the manual pages for expire expireindex and makehistory, and to be
honest, they don't make much sense to me. I expect this is because I don't
yet understand the mechanics of the news article storage system, history,
overview, etc etc. 

I realise I'm asking a lot, but could someone please explain to me what I
need to get things going again? How to find out why expire isn't doing what
I think it should be?

Thank you again for you time and patience,


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