makehistory failure

Hubbard, Matt m.hubbard at
Thu Jul 27 16:55:15 UTC 2000


INN 2.2.2 CNFS, Solaris 7

My makehistory command I was running failed with the following error:

sort: write error while sorting: No space left on device
Can't sort history file (exit 2), No such file or directory

[1]+  Exit 1     makehistory -i -O -I /n1/news/tmp/indfile -T /n1/news/tmp

The temp dir I'd told it to use had 2.9 GB left on it, there's 380MB of
swap. The history temp file it created is 380 MB.

Does anyone know what stage in the process the makehistory had gotten to?
What was being sorted and where it ran out of space? Is this recoverable?

Is the sort the last thing done to copy the history temp file to
~news/db/history before makedbz?


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