tradindexed overview complains "corrupted group entry"

Karl Kleinpaste karl at
Sat Jul 29 01:57:51 UTC 2000

Running the 0620 snapshot under Linux RH6.2.

These began happening a couple days ago.  Since I generally don't care
a whole lot about older overviews, I tried simply removing the
overview files for the groups about which complaints are being made.
But it appears that whatever problems are occurring aren't isolated.

The complaint comes out of storage/ov3/ov3.c in tradindexed_opensearch():

    if (high < base || low < base) { /* Check for corrupted group entry */
      OV3closegroup(gh, FALSE);
      syslog(L_ERROR, "tradindexed: Group %s has a corrupted group entry", 
      return NULL;

I hadn't seen this at all until this past week; nothing has been
changed in configuration or operation of this system in...well, months.

Contemplations, anyone?  Should I simply upgrade to a more recent
2.3.0 incantation?


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