msgidhost-Variable in inn.conf

Andreas Metzler ametzler at
Sat Jul 29 12:12:11 UTC 2000

<Bad english>
How are the chances that gets included
into the official inn-source? Its purpose is this:

| Even Leafsites need their own FQDN to generate their Message-IDs
| from. Stripping your MID before posting your articles is a bad idea
| as it may yield in dupes and worse.  Unfortunately your generic
| out-of-the-box INN generates his Message-ID by calling getFQDN()
| which - in turn - returns something strange like
| localhost.localdomain on most leafsites.  After applying this patch,
| adding a line
| 	     msgidhost:      /yourFQDNhere/
| to your inn.conf solves this problem by adding your FQDN as the
| host-part instead.

There was a disscussion on this mailinglist about it (Thread:

The patch works with 2.2.3 but not with inn-CURRENT-20000728.
     cu andreas

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