License for nnrpd's SSL support

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Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

> In looking through the INN tree today, I noticed that nnrpd/tls.c and
> nnrpd/sasl_config.c claim to be under the GPL.  That actually poses a
> licensing problem for INN, since we can't include GPL'd code without
> releasing all of INN under the GPL, which we don't want to do.  I'm
> guessing that you'd put the GPL on those files without realizing that.

I do not mind to change the license on those files to the same
as the license of INN.

> Also, I notice that the comments indicate that a few of the routines are
> based on OpenSSL code.  If this is correct, we need to correctly attribute
> those portions as that too affects the license.  

My code is based on cyrus-imapd and qmail-starttls.patch(*)
which is based on postfix-tls-19991231-pl02+0.51(*).
I do not know what license the qmail-starttls.patch attributes. :(


Thank you.

Kenichi Okada
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