Getting ready to land lots of stuff

Olaf Titz olaf at
Tue Jun 6 10:49:30 UTC 2000

> Because the namespace issue is a pain to resolve; basically, you have to
> rename all of the standard autoconf results like HAVE_FCNTL_H to something
> like INN_HAVE_FCNTL_H or you'll conflict left and right with client
> programs that also use autoconf.  And doing all that munging is really
> annoying and autoconf doesn't provide any built-in way of doing it.

Hmpf, didn't think about that.

> More to the point, though, you shouldn't *need* config.h to use any of
> INN's libraries.  All of the non-autoconf stuff (ie, the interesting
> things) should be moved to other headers, and the autoconf stuff mostly
> controls compliation and isn't needed to use the already compiled
> libraries.  The only thing in config.h you need to include the library

If the autoconf header only contain HAVE_XX things guessed from the
system this should be right. I'm not sure if there are compiler
dependencies (but then you would probably have a hard time installing
third-party stuff anyway).

However, autoconf is also often used for user-specified configuration
(e.g. for INN, whether to use Perl or Python) and that does need to be
installed. Autoconf doesn't provide an easy way for factoring out
such definitions into another header file. :-(


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