Seeing: Server throttled no matching entry in storage.conf storing article -- throttling

James Ralston qralston+ml.inn-workers at
Fri Jun 9 21:56:02 UTC 2000

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Joe St Sauver wrote:

> > The size of stored article will be
> > 999995+strlen("my_server!")=1000005.  This does NOT match any of
> > entries in your storage.conf, and your problem happens.
> Okay, I've increased the upper bound on the final storage category
> to accomodate this possibility...

Just out of curiosity, would not the easiest solution be to just
remove the upper bound from each storage.conf entry where the upper
bound is essentially the same as INN's maxartsize inn.conf variable?

I mean, if your maxartsize is 1000000, then you're pretty much
guaranteed that no article that goes into *any* of your storage
categories will be greater than 1000000 (plus some header slop).

Or am I missing something?

James Ralston, Information Technology
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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