nntpsend and innxmit

Eilko Bos Eilko.Bos at nl.origin-it.com
Tue Jun 20 10:44:40 UTC 2000


I am facing a very irritating problem which has without doubt an obvious

I have a newsserver 'a' (INN 1.4 22-Dec-93) and a newsserver 'b'
(INN 2.2.2 13-Dec-1999).
I have localgroup (mygroup.*). When I post an article on server 'a' in the
group 'mygroup.test', it should be fed to newsserver 'b' using nntpsend and
innxmit. But it's not ;(( I cannot find the cause of this problem, does any
one of you have any clue about this?
Below are some configfiles and transfer-output.
------ From newsserver 'a' ------
pathspool:              /var/spool/news/
patharticles:           /var/spool/news/articlespathoverview:           /var/spool/news/over.view
pathoutgoing:           /var/spool/news/out.going
pathincoming:           /var/spool/news/in.coming




------ From newsserver 'b' ------
peer servera {
	hostname: newsa.domain.com

peer servera {
	ip-name: newsa.domain.com
	port-number: 119
	max-connections: 4



------ files ------
news at newsa> ls -lsa /var/spool/news/out.going/serverb
0 -rw-rw-r--   1 news     news           0 Jun 20 03:20 serverb

After posting an article:

news at newsa> cat /var/spool/news/out.going/serverb
mygroup/test/618 <8inheu$i8b at newsa.domain.com>

------ nntpsend -d output ------
news at newsa> /usr/local/news/bin/nntpsend -d
nntpsend: [18712] start
nntpsend: [18712:18732] begin newsfeedb.domain.com Tue Jun 20 03:36:39 PDT 2000
nntpsend: [18712:18732] innxmit -a -d -t60 newsfeedb.domain.com ...
< 200 newsb.domain.com InterNetNews server INN 2.2.2 13-Dec-1999 ready
>mode stream
< 203 StreamOK.
nntpsend: [18712:18732] end newsfeedb.domain.com Tue Jun 20 03:36:41 PDT 2000
nntpsend: [18712] stop
news at newsa>

I did not see what I expected, e.g. something like 'ihave'. Does anybody have
an explanation for this?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Eilko Bos.

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