Problems with FreeBSD 4.0, 6/20 snapshot.

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Jun 22 06:25:55 UTC 2000

Jaye Mathisen <mrcpu at> writes:

> Recent FreeBSD 4.0, 6/20 snapshot compiled with Berkeley DB 3.1.14.  I
> had been very successfully running the may 15th snapshot.  I compiled
> the new sources, did make update, and now having heap um big problems.
> Essentially innd appears to be getting in an infinite loop somewhere.

Does FreeBSD have some sort of truss/strace equivalent that will give a
system call trace so that we can get some idea of where INN is hanging?
Roughly equivalently, you could try killing it with an abort signal to get
it to dump core and then point a debugger at that to get a backtrace.

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