Anybody got a working cleanfeed under -CURRENT?

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at
Thu Jun 22 07:34:44 UTC 2000

Mine is compiled with --with-perl, but the cleanfeed filter is dying with
"Error modifying a read-only value", blah blah.

My cleanfeed is from December or so, and it's working fine under my 2.2

Jun 21 23:30:02 newsfeed-inn2 innd: Perl function filter_art
died: Modification of a read-only value attempted at
/news/bin/filter/ line 572. 

newsfeed-inn2# cat -n /news/bin/filter/ | grep 572
   572          $lines = $hdr{'__BODY__'} =~ tr/\n/\n/;

I am not absolutely convinced I understand what this is trying to do...

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