Problems with FreeBSD 4.0, 6/20 snapshot.

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Thu Jun 22 16:39:28 UTC 2000

>Recent FreeBSD 4.0, 6/20 snapshot compiled with Berkeley DB 3.1.14.
>I had been very successfully running the may 15th snapshot.
>I compiled the new sources, did make update, and now having heap um big
>Essentially innd appears to be getting in an infinite loop somewhere.

Hi, I'm guessing you were running an older version of BerkeleyDB with
the May 15th snapshot.  You should try downgrading to the older BerkeleyDB.

I recently ran into a similar problem on my test server with db-3.1.14.
At first, it was working fine, but after hammering on it harder I began
experiencing a similar problem, but with expireover instead (it would
get stuck in a spin-loop somewhere in the BerkeleyDB code).

I will be updating my web page to include this info; if BerkeleyDB 3.1.14
is the culprit for you, too, please let me know and I'll include that
on the web page, as well.


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