cant write history

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 02:21:42 UTC 2000

Bob Kryger <bkryger at> writes:

> I had a disk full problem earlier this week (all tradspool at this
> point) and I ran thru something of a recovery procedure, quite a
> learning experience. but at this point I am still getting a message in
> my news log of

>        436 cant write history, Success

It means that something's going wrong with writing the history file that
isn't setting errno to anything useful.  Exactly what, I don't know.

> What exactly does this mean? I am running makehistory -buv (Orielly book) 
> to rebuild the history database.

makehistory -u doesn't really rebuild the history database, just generates
those lines that correspond to articles not already in the history
database.  You may want to rebuild it completely from scratch.

> Will this handle it? Will storing in CNFS eliminate or alleviate the
> issue ( I expect so since I am less likely to have a disk problem)

I think that CNFS is unlikely to help much here if there's something wrong
with the history file.  :/

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