2.2.2 and Perl 5.6

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sat Jun 24 03:38:13 UTC 2000

Robert Norris <Robert.Norris at its.monash.edu.au> writes:

> However, STABLE-20000623 builds just fine.

Yup.  It contains the bug fix for that.

> With that in mind, how stable are the STABLE releases? Stable enough for
> me to develop a system to be put into production in six months for 20000
> users?

I'd personally say that they're too stable for that.  :)  STABLE is about
to become INN 2.2.3 which will be the final release in the INN 2.2 cycle.
Since your deployment is six months off, I'd recommend starting with the
current BETA snapshots, which will become INN 2.3.0 shortly.  That's about
to become the new STABLE track and should be quite reliable already.

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