The infamous to-do list

Don Lewis Don.Lewis at
Sat Jun 24 23:15:40 UTC 2000

On Jun 24,  3:09am, Russ Allbery wrote:
} Subject: The infamous to-do list

} * When articles expire out of a storage method with self-expire
}   functionality, the overview and history entries for those articles
}   should also be expired immediately.  Otherwise, things like the GROUP
}   command don't give the correct results.  This will likely require a
}   callback that can be passed to CNFS that is called to do the overview
}   and history cleanup for each article overwritten.  It will also require
}   the new history API.

They shouldn't be totally removed from history, otherwise we might
accept them again, particularly for groups that rapidly self-expire.

} * The proliferation of configuration files should be significantly
}   reduced.  For example, cycbuff.conf, buffindexed.conf, and storage.conf
}   could probably be combined; innfeed.conf, newsfeeds, and incoming.conf
}   would ideally be combined; and several of the other small auxilliary
}   configuration files could be rolled into other, more general
}   configuration files.  This probably shouldn't be done until the new
}   configuration parsing infrastructure is in place.

It would be nice to tie the incoming and outcoming feed information.
Combined with some enhancements to the WIP cache it would allow us
to avoid offering articles back to feeds that have offered it to us.
Currently if we get an CHECK from host A, a CHECK from host B, and a
TAKETHIS from host A we will offer that article to host B.

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