The infamous to-do list

Sven Paulus sven at
Sun Jun 25 23:28:36 UTC 2000

In article <E135sGd-0004WK-00 at> Olaf Titz wrote:
|> In the INN 1.x days someone wrote a C News-like configurable
|> sendbatches driver; I'd like to see such a thing reappear. (Where you
|> can configure the size, compression and sending method for each peer
|> in a file and generate all batches with one command.)

I still use a sendbatches that offer these features under INN-2.x. The only
problem is: I don't know who wrote this perl script since there is no
mention of an author name included. I picked it up some years ago from ...
For those interested I uploaded it to
Replacing the hard-coded paths with inn.conf-variables is easy.

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