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Tue Jun 27 02:17:28 UTC 2000

Treml, Johannes <johannes.treml at> writes:

> after starting the server I get another mystic error-message when a
> client want to connect to the server:

> Jun 26 21:45:31 ns2 nnrpd[315]: NOT using actived
> Jun 26 21:48:06 ns2 nnrpd[334]: read_udp: recv Connection refused
> Jun 26 21:48:06 ns2 nnrpd[334]: zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz 46 actived socket couldnt be
> read AYTACK
>  (where stands for client-addr. and zzz... for the server).

> This is a SuSE-Linux 6.4-System with INN-2.2.2.

You've configured nnrpd to use actived, but actived isn't running.  Try
starting it and see if that works (you can start it by just running

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