The infamous to-do list

Kevin McKinnon kevin at
Wed Jun 28 17:32:32 UTC 2000

> * Wishlist for nnrpd/readers.conf (Sorry if I've overlooked something,
>   especially the readers.conf is still not my best friend):
>      A download limit (KB/sec) for a user/host/IP/group should be
>      definable.
>      This becomes more and more important for us with all that DSL
>      and "flatrate" stuff.

There is code in nnrpd.c, perl.c, and article.c that references 
MaxBytesPerSecond which looks, on quick examination, to do part of 
what you're looking for.

What's there works on a per-connection basis, not per-

The existing perl authenticator returns 4 results; it doens't provide 
a value for MaxBytesPerSecond.  I'll mess around with this for a bit 
and see if I can't scrape together whether it works as-is.  It might 
be as simple as returning a fifth value from  AFAIK, 
this feature is not documented anywhere yet.

If anyone else knows that this works and how to implement it, please 
jump in and save me some digging!  ;-)


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