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Harold White Harold.White at
Wed May 3 17:29:31 UTC 2000


Due to various reasons (eg. consolidation, etc, etc), I must change the
FQDN of a news server ... traditional INN 2.2.2 13-Dec-1999

Our DNS is currently answering to both the old and new FQDN.

These are the steps I am planning to take.

Any advice is appreciated.

1. Change DNS so that the old and new FQDN are found in DNS (already done).

2. Notify incoming and outgoing sites of name change.  Instruct
   them to change ASAP.

Question for expert's here:
   Will my news server with the old FQDN still accept incoming
   connections with feeds using the new FQDN ?  (remember that DNS has
   both the old and new FQDN are in DNS)

3. After I'm sure the sites (in and out) are now using the new FQDN,
   I change all references to the old-FQDN to the new-FQDN in
   inn.conf.   (And change domain in resolv.conf (ie. Solaris 2.6)).
4. restart innd (or reboot system).

Please advise.

Harold White

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