Overview problems in inn-BETA-20000430

Chris Martin C.Martin at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed May 3 18:52:58 UTC 2000

I downloaded and installed inn-BETA-20000430 on Sunday and then
reinitialized the overview buffer (buffindexed in use) and remade
overview using

  /usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd readers no 'remaking overview'
  /usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd throttle 'remaking overview'
  cd ~news/spool/overview
  rm -f /usr/local/news/db/group.index
  dd if=/dev/zero of=OV1 bs=4k count=100 conv=notrunc
  /usr/local/news/bin/makehistory -x -O -l 100000
  /usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd go 'remaking overview'
  /usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd readers yes 'remaking overview'

This morning's daily report has lines like

May  1 03:09:29 tualatin expireover[12691]: buffindexed: overview data must be under 8192
May  1 03:09:29 tualatin expireover[12691]: buffindexed: could not add new overview for 'alt.aldus.pagemaker'


May  1 03:12:58 tualatin expireover[12691]: CNFS-sm: cnfs_retrieve: token @03654255463338333009636F6D756E696361@: bogus cycbuff name: BUF3830^I:0xdedaea00:1852400481

The first two lines are repeated for 'alt.conspiracy',
'alt.music.ska', 'alt.sex.stories', 'alt.snail-mail',
'alt.tasteless.jokes', 'aus.computers.mac', 'aus.students',
'comp.lang.postscript', 'comp.os.os2.apps' -- a strange set of

There are alos 66 messages of the type

Could not remove @050C0000178900002CEC0000000000000000@: Token not found

issued by expireover together with

expireover: could not expire alt.aldus.pagemaker
expireover: could not expire alt.conspiracy
expireover: could not expire alt.music.ska

expireover doesn't seem to have completed either

	expireover start Tue May  2 03:09:19 BST 2000
	expireover end Tue May  2 03:13:49 BST 2000

Do you think there is something wrong with the history file? Should I
remake it (if so, would somebody who knows the incantation whisper it
to me to save me getting it wrong?)

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