INN config file parsing infrastructure

Olaf Titz olaf at
Fri May 5 17:06:29 UTC 2000

> > I see about 25 files totaling >150kb in etc now.
> The number of files is not a problem. Netscape did the job "quite" well
> with its FastTrack(?) product based on INN 1.4x, and with Collabra later
> (I've never used these products in production but I think they filled
> a niche at this time and IMO it's still the case).

Do they look like the Netscape Enterprise server config? When I first
saw that it looked to me mostly like a demo what you can do with HTML
forms. ;-P

The problem is not the number of files but the number of configuration
items, and the fact that most of them are tables/lists which tend to
get long. (And the rest are mostly inn.conf options nobody

For a truly minimum server config aimed at a leaf node, you would have
to configure approx. the following:
1. Essential: host name, mail addresses, path names; incoming, readers,
   part of newsfeeds.
2. Look if the default is OK: expire, moderators, nntpsend.ctl and probably
   most stuff from inn.conf.
3. Optional: control.ctl, nnrpd.track, passwd.nntp etc.
4. Junk: actsync, distrib.pats, motd, news2mail, nnrpd.track,
   (These are files which should go away and be replaced with
   something sensible anyway.)

I'm not saying it is not doable, but it is perhaps the incentive to do
a long needed overhaul of _all_ of INNs configuration, with sorting by
importance in mind.

> At my previous jobs, we were using our own Web based interface (I was not
> the author) to manage all our feeds (INN + Diablo).. all Oleane peers
> (should) know the "delegate" part of this interface.. (some are here).
> Well, all this to prove that it's "doable".

How much of the INN configuration was done that way? I suspect most
items which rarely change at all were not included (surely not the
ones I put under "junk", but that's the least worry).

> > like control.ctl can be sensibly GUIized without turning the GUI into
> > a glorified text editor, but I also don't see a way of getting rid of it.
> control.ctl can also be GUIfied. It's quite similar to what has been done
> with mailcap+mime.types converted in various application helpers.

As I said - the GUI has turned into not much more than a text editor.
The advantage over a real text editor is that this avoids syntax
errors, but it doesn't get much easier to set up than a text file.
It gets worse when you want to C&P.


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