news server

Atsushi Tamae atamae at
Sun May 7 16:56:25 UTC 2000

I have to take care about news server which is Intel based Pentiam pro 200 
dual machine with
Solaris 8 for x86 and inn-2.2.2. What we have problem is strage of news spool.
Our server's strage hard is 35GB traditional news spool now.
I found out that weekdays is just like non need to take care. But in 
weekend, every day is 100% on
news spool's partition. I have to operate to expire the news manually.
So, I decide to change traditional to CNFS system. Is there any best way to 
change it.
or please teach me the tips of changing way from traditional to CNFS.

Atsushi Tamae

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