INN config file parsing infrastructure

Fabien Tassin fta at
Sun May 7 20:41:49 UTC 2000

According to Russ Allbery:

> To point out another configuration file that's likely bloating your
> statistics mentioned above, innreport.conf really isn't a user
> configuration file except for some of the bits at the top.  The vast
> majority of that file is really at the same level as source code and
> probably should be separated from the .conf file and put in lib instead.

Shame on me :( I fully agree on the fact that innreport is not well
designed, nor well written (my first perl program ;)). It started on
my dislike of innlog.{awk|pl} but grew into a monster as time passed.
I've planed to redesign it from scratch several times but with no luck
until now. According to reports I've had, people like it as is (except a
few glitches). As the mailing list is almost dead and my calls to
contributions have been ignored, I'm puzzled about the need of a new
version :(

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