INN config file parsing infrastructure

Fabien Tassin fta at
Wed May 10 11:57:21 UTC 2000

According to Marco d'Itri:
>  >I really would like to discourage usage of non-semantic comments...
>  >I agree that such comments are very useful for people that manage their
>  >servers by hand but if you want to use a GUI (or Web based admin tools,
>  >a conf managers, etc.), comments will not survive between changes.

> Making like difficult for people who hand edit their files because that
> makes easier writing GUI admin tools is evil.

discourage != forbid

I just want a well integrated alternative to '#'.

We can allow both '# foobar' and 'descrition: "foobar"'.
You can choose to use one or the other or even both but a GUI will probably
only use the later so '#' will be lost. In the same way, what about
temporary exclusions ? If you comment a block, the GUI will remove it.
I've introduced the 'skip: boolean' switch in incoming.conf for this
purpose. Unfortunatly, it's not perfect either because the key (of
the section/group) will probably be no longer unique. Well.. should it
be unique (with readers.conf, I'm puzzled).

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